In'glizche Xenzuche Lughet
English Chinese Dictionary



n. 井, 泉水, 源泉, 好
vt. 涌出
vi. 涌出
a. 健康的, 良好的, 适宜的, 恰当的
ad. 很好地, 适当地, 好意地, 很, 完全
interj. 好啦
井, 水井, 佳适
think well of sb
speak well of sb
be well with sb
Well as I was saying…
be well out of sth
well out of
It’s all very well…but…
just as well
may as well
as well
as well as
pretty well
well and truly
let well alone
well and good
well as a storm
well as snow in harvest
well as water into a ship
well off
well up in

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