In'glizche Xenzuche Lughet
English Chinese Dictionary



vt. 拿, 取, 抓, 带领, 获得, 就座, 接受, 吃, 吸引, 采取, 乘, 需要, 花费
vi. 吃掉对方棋子, 抓住, 起作用, 依法获得财产
n. 拿, 取, 收成, 奏效
to take sb about sth
to take…into account
to take air
take sb by the hand
take sth on one’s shoulder
take hold of sth
take sb at a disadvantage
take a day off
take one’s leave
take office
take one’s time
take the chair
take the floor
take harbour
take sb’s advice
take sb into one’s confidence
take the blame
take things as they are
take it from me
take one’s time over
take place
take the law into one’s own hands
take the rough with the smooth
take action
take notes
take a letter
take a photo
if I take you correctly
take sth as settled
take an interest in
take pity on
take for example
take a bath
take a look
take a rest
take no notice
take ill
take pretty surly
be able to take it
take sb aback
take after sb
take against
take ammiss
take sth apart
take as
take away
take sth down
take five
take for
take from
take the situation in
take in the meaning of
take it or leave it
take it out in
take it out of sb
take it out on sb
take sth off
take sb off
take off
take on
take sb on
take sth on
take out
take sth out on sb
take oneself off
take the conceit out of sb
take sth over
take sth hard
take sth ill
take ten
take to sth
take sth up
take up
take sth up with
take sb up
take sb up on sth
take up the matter with
take up a post
take up one’s residence at
take upon oneself
take seriously
to take the air

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