In'glizche Xenzuche Lughet
English Chinese Dictionary



n. 棍, 棒, 刺, 枯枝, 茎, 条状物
vt. 插进, 刺入, 钉住, 伸出, 粘贴, 停止
vi. 粘住, 停留, 坚持, 陷住, 伸出
杆, 条; 粘着
stick around
stick at sth
stick at nothing
stick out
stick to sth
stick together
stick down
stick in
stick it on
stick like a bur
stick like a limpet
stick on
stick out for
stick up
stick up to
get the wrong end of the stick
stick one’s neck out
be on the stick
cut one’s stick
give sb the stick
hold a stick to
hop the stick
in a cleft stick

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